The Monkey King for Shanghai

Experience the joy of the unimaginable!

EXPO 2010 and Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery in Prague presents to the world Zdeněk Sklenář's Monkey King.

Zdeněk Sklenář 1910 - 1986

Famous Czech painter and creator of an original style of painting

In 1955 Sklenář visited China, a country that had inspired him since he was a child. His friendships with today's classics of Chinese art - the painters Qi Baishi, Li Keran, Wu Zuoren, Fu Baoshi, the poet Ai Qing and others - has become legendary.

After returning from China, he became a highly sought-after illustrator of Chinese literature, for which he became famous in the then Czechoslovakia. He created over 600 books. In 1961, the Czech translation of Wu Cheng-en's novel Journey to the West was published as Opičí král (Monkey King). Sklenář became the symbol for the new version of the book.

We are presenting this legendary book in animated form on the internet.

Fifty years later, Sklenář's originals come to life in an animated film and interactive program.


EXPO 2010 in Shanghai

The animated film and interactive program based on Zdeněk Sklenář's original Monkey King from 1961 had its world premiere at the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai.

At the Czech pavilion, millions of viewers young and old take delight in the heroic acts of the legendary characters from this eternal, five-hundred-year-old story.



Play the Monkey King game, based on the unique originals created by Zdeněk Sklenář.

You can alter their appearance.

Create new difficulty levels for the game.

Create an animated picture of the Monkey King.

Download the picture as wallpaper for your computer or cell phone.

Send the Monkey King as a salutation, message or even a greeting card.

Try out different colour options.

Mix sounds and music.

Play the game with the Monkey King, the legendary hero of all Chinese people.

You can use individual modules separately, or combine the output from the modules into an intricate, interactive story.

Combine the pictures, animation and the computer game.

Play the online game Monkey King. Experience the joy of the unimaginable. Learn about the fantastic world of China's greatest hero.



2010年上海世博会和兹德涅克·斯科纳画廊 - 布拉格 - 希望给世界介绍兹德涅克·斯科纳的美猴王。

兹德涅克·斯科纳  1910 - 1986

在1955年斯科纳前往了他魂牵梦系的浪漫国度 - 中国。 他跟当时中国最重要的艺术文化界人的友谊, 包括画家齐白石、李可染,傅抱石, 吴作人和诗人艾青在内,有历史性的意义。回到捷克后,他为有关中国题材的书籍߯ 6;了不少的插图。他一生总共设计了602本书。